Leadership, Community
and Integrity.

In my 18 years in the legislature I have achieved early childhood education funding, criminal justice reforms, and economic growth. As an 11th generation New Mexican, I'm committed to improving our quality of life and making Albuquerque a thriving city for future generations. Your vote matters.

I ask for your support to keep me in the State Senate working for District 26. Over my 18-year tenure in the legislature, we've achieved significant milestones: utilizing the permanent school fund for universal early childhood education, implementing historic criminal justice reforms, fostering economic growth, and engaging thousands of west side students at the State Capital. Yet, there's still more to be done.

As an 11th generation New Mexican, I am committed to tirelessly working every day to unite our community and enhance our quality of life. With the current abundance of state funds, we have a unique opportunity to transform our state and make Albuquerque a thriving city where everyone can prosper.

I am proud to call the westside home with my wife Vanessa Alarid and our three children, Gariela Alarid (21), Mateo (10) & Isadora (8).


Economic Development

Our state’s economy and overcoming poverty is my top priority in every legislative decision. Key initiatives include ensuring affordable broadband for all New Mexicans, developing transportation and water infrastructure, and supporting the growth of local small businesses. I advocate for accessible capital for entrepreneurs, legalization of adult recreational cannabis, and liquor license reform so mom & pop restaurants can compete with corporate chains. I have worked my whole career to establish a fair progressive tax system that closes loopholes for the well connected, thereby reducing rates for our families.


Public Safety

Being nationally recognized for bipartisan efforts in criminal justice reform, I believe in adequately funding the District Attorney’s Office and criminal courts, investing in drug treatment and victim-centric services, and directing law enforcement to focus on violent crimes. Modernizing how policing is done, our probation system and implementing data-driven, evidence-based policies are crucial for reducing recidivism and crime, ultimately leading to safer communities.



Bridging the educational achievement gap is essential for New Mexico’s success. The Martinez/Yazzie vs. State case highlighted the need for targeted support for Native students, English language learners, disabled and at-risk students. As the prime sponsor of HJR-1, I advocated for constitutional changes to invest more annually from our state’s $27 billion Permanent School Fund in early childhood education, underscoring my commitment to educational excellence and equity.