Senate District 26

The newly drawn District 26 is a magnificent community that is 100% west of the river and hugs the Bosque from just north of St. Pius HS down to Bridge Blvd. SW. to the south. SD26 includes the centuries old Atrisco neighborhood, the west mesa bluffs, Laurelwood  neighborhood and is the 3rd highest Hispanic populated in the state with over 65%. 
SD26 includes the neighborhoods of West Central Avenue, West Bluff, SR Marmon, Laurelwoods, Parkway, Tierra Oeste and has the following recognized neighborhood groups: Vecinos Del Bosque NA, Crestview Bluff Neighbors Association, Alamosa NA, Pat Hurley NA, West Mesa NA, Riverview Heights NA, Vista Magnifica Association, Los Altos Civic Association, Vista Grande NA, Ladera West NA, Laurelwood NA, Parkway NA, Tres Volcanes NA, Las Lomitas NA, The Courtyards NA and includes portions of Los Volcanes NA, Taylor Ranch NA and Del Webb Mirehaven NA.